faminehome illustration journal


[don’t] pretend you don’t know // I’m a ghost, just sleeping

you are running

down, down, allways down, and on

to the depths of home, and away

you have to get away

did you get away? too soon to

forever has to wait

a shift of earth, and you’re falling

then old fear, the panic, confusion

dreaded danger still dogging your steps

how did you get away ? did you

[ get away ]

but there you are,

still falling

[ falling ]

still, alone

did anyone else get away ?

is any one home safe?

[ is any one safe? ]

you barely remember,

how long has it been?

the city swells and shifts,

with rage it seems against you

all the loss and none the love,

just falling

for so long you sleep&

wake again, again

and eventually

you begin to rise

the cycle repeats

a n e w

sleep /

wake //

fall ///



well into another revolution

___(an other)___


By a w a y l n d x

Artist, aberrant mind

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