faminehome illustration journal

deep dark space

it's so far away

i'm so tired
buıpɐɟ keep oʇ ʇuɐʍ ʇ,uop ı ‘ʎɹɹos ɯ,ı

far, fall into an/other revolution

though it doesn’t feel like one

ʎןʇɥbıן ob

from a shell

, a seed

they shall be

we shall be

ǝɯɐןq oʇ ǝuo ou

what would you do?

warned of your own death

in your own voice

ob oʇ ǝɹǝɥʍ ou

? you’d run, right

, phobias

come from


we can’t forget

ʎʞs ǝuo sı ǝɹǝɥʇ

the stories we pass

down are nightmares

we can become fragile

in our pursuit to remove

the negative parts of our

we're just passing through

lives . . .even,still



you can look right through me

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