faminehome illustration journal

k a n z e o n

ease all suffering // if only for a moment

[ time is a persistent illusion ]

out of genuine love

they’d sacrifice

their children

so great was

their devotion

a global crisis point that turns in upon itself

over and over again

this world is built

on a crumbling wall

[ desperately human]

pouring your all

all your devotion

into anything will

always leave you

with no/thing

“I want to be real for you.

You are real for me”

[ thirsty leaves // dying trees ]

incorporate certainty into the framework of the unsure

the knowable Not

the inside of the apartments stretch to impossible lengths, the angles

[ // separate & combine \\ ]

[ broken roots,reaching ]

any and every one

can be made to feel

empathic, it only takes

one ; a handbook

becomes a poem

complicit as a

social mediator –

a machine that

generates empathy

“I hate myself for giving you that

even though it meant nothing,

I thought

all that – all my possessions

any accomplishments

they are all worthy,

and now I have to go

I will have to leave them behind

a gain

between kind

but what’s the difference?

what we wanted

when, to

incorporate all

feeling into a model

seeking absolute certainty

we were young,

we thought

[ authentic experience ///

authentic memories //

authentic response / ]

beyond the knowledge

of the every day, the

unknowable . i s .

whatever can be, will

rage against the dying, still

what redeems it is the idea only

the pioneer spirit was always corrupt

this moment is defined by being

becoming having

where who you are is made

by what you have

[ t o g e t h e r

they moved

n e a r e r

to god ]

but never were we near enough

By a w a y l n d x

Artist, aberrant mind

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