faminehome illustration journal

i’m not at home

/// i’m not at home,not at home \\\ head aches,too much to do any thing

[ you’re having that dream again ]

the most evil think they

can purify the world &

expunge humanity’s sins ;

retribution is the lie those evil/s

who believe they deserve more

tell themselves to justify their delusions

of superiority.

An animal who believes

themselves above all the others.

it’s easy to forget

how much worse

it could have been

– but they died for no/thing .

the killer keeps talking about

the murders in present tense long after

the weight sinks in, it feels too real, they can’t go through with the rest.


[ internal burns are an eminent threat to life ]

I rage, I rage

but there is no change.

By a w a y l n d x

Artist, aberrant mind

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