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g r a s p ing

catch life, r e l e a s e

gasping your way through life,

sadism was the flavor of the year

within the journeys between

our destinations

the architecture

is unraveling


the mundanity of every day

pursues in the face of the absurd

the ongoing endings make immortals of us


we don’t want to believe

we’re vulnerable

to manipulation

but anyone,


can and

will be

so how are you going to trap your life?

why shy away from the reality that pursues you, still

in your ever fallible invulnerability you are not safe yet

trying to find god, failing, continuing in stark denial, growing fear


“still we bear this bitter truth every morning,

and by every sundown it seems liable to crush us under its weight”


my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you

she seemed sure enough to commit her soul, body following

not so afraid anymore

you have your memory of them, but you don’t have them

you know, it could have been you

and i fall from god/s

dealing with an age of hopelessness

at all sides of the threshold

from the heights to rest

below, beneath, between

By a w a y l n d x

Artist, aberrant mind

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