faminehome illustration journal

_ope is never silent

the [authentic] blueprint of our souls // all is lost, over and / inversed, every end begins

it’s in the innate power of everything you chose

and everything you couldn’t

does that make you feel better?

no, I don’t imagine .

just go and keep going

don’t come back, don’t

remind me again, just go

and let us die a/new

you’ll get out of here

there’s something admirable about the unwinding

something to be said for coming undone

it is not you who goes through

them, but they who go through

you ///

once that door is open it cannot be closed

& the ones you think are best

aren’t those who’ll help you

“are you real or in my head?”

I’m not in your head.

like an echo, submerged under water

it’s been the same since the early days

aloud or inside, they never knew you

just trying to find some answers, what’s

not yet seen and what wants to be

there’s mountains of time between us

but none to spend, to dance or laugh


[ let go of the personal mother

and be reborn to the world,

what’s left ]


“what the fuck are you?”

someone who’s been around

[some thing]

for a very long, tired time

By a w a y l n d x

Artist, aberrant mind

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